Cecile Badenhorst MA (UBC), PhD (Queen’s) is an Assistant Professor in the Adult Education/Post-Secondary program in the Faculty of Education at Memorial University.  Her research interests are post-secondary and adult learning experiences particularly graduate research writing and academic literacies.  She has written three books in this area:  Research Writing (2007), Dissertation Writing (2008) and Productive Writing (2010).  Prior to Memorial, Cecile taught, for ten years, on a graduate program at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa.


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  1. Dear Professor Badenhorst,

    My name is Françoise Moreau-Johnson and I am the manager of the Centre for Academic Leadership at the University of Ottawa.

    I met a former student of yours (Laurie Prange-Martin) during Congress last month at a session on academic writing I organized as part of Career Corner. She recommended a couple of your books which I would like to purchase, but I’m having great difficulty getting my hands on them. I have looked at purchasing them through Amazon and through the University of Ottawa Library without success. I would like to get a copy of
    – Productive Writing: Becoming a prolific writer
    – Research Writing: Breaking the barriers

    Do you, by any chance, keep copies yourself which you can ship out or do they have to come from South Africa?

    Thank you, Françoise Moreau-Johnson

  2. Hi Prof. Badenhorst,

    I am just dropping a line here to thank you for your blog and youtube channel, they have been extremely useful for me. I really appreciate how articulate and exhaustive your explanations are.

  3. Hi Cecile

    Loving your work in academic writing. Some of the challlenges I had in ademic writing is only now being understood as a result of your advise in this area.

    Can you say how to purchase copies of your publications


    McClean Hobson

  4. Hi Cecile,
    I’m having major writer’s block. I received negative feedback on one of my dissertation chapters and I have not been able to write in four days. I did that activity about wrting how I feel when I get negative feedback. I wrote out some of the emotions. Now that I’ve looked over what I wrote, it really is about my lack of confidence with my writing style. It’s not academic enough.. Do you have any advice on how to write “academically” if you’re not an academic? Apparently I’m not describing my results and discussion sections well enough. I’m in a professional doctoral program in public health and I’m a health care provider by training and work with patients day to day. Any suggestions would be welcomed.
    Thank you,

  5. Cecile I just want to say thank you for the you tube videos! They were truly helpful and the one place I could go to that was clear, concise and full of useful structure. Many thanks.
    Thivashni ( PHD student in education at the University of Wolverhampton UK)

  6. Dear Cecile
    It was so lovely to stumble upon you on You Tube and hear a South African accent.
    I lecture at various business schools and universities in Johannesburg and am doing some post grad work.
    Your explanations are logical and very practical.
    You are helping me immensely with my studies and I have recommended you as a very useful source to my students.
    Thank you for your help, it is much appreciated.
    Kind regards
    Adrienne Berkowitz

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