Cecile Badenhorst MA (UBC), PhD (Queen’s) is an Assistant Professor in the Adult Education/Post-Secondary program in the Faculty of Education at Memorial University.  Her research interests are post-secondary and adult learning experiences particularly graduate research writing and academic literacies.  She has written three books in this area:  Research Writing (2007), Dissertation Writing (2008) and Productive Writing (2010).  Prior to Memorial, Cecile taught, for ten years, on a graduate program at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa.

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  1. Dear Professor Badenhorst,

    My name is Françoise Moreau-Johnson and I am the manager of the Centre for Academic Leadership at the University of Ottawa.

    I met a former student of yours (Laurie Prange-Martin) during Congress last month at a session on academic writing I organized as part of Career Corner. She recommended a couple of your books which I would like to purchase, but I’m having great difficulty getting my hands on them. I have looked at purchasing them through Amazon and through the University of Ottawa Library without success. I would like to get a copy of
    – Productive Writing: Becoming a prolific writer
    – Research Writing: Breaking the barriers

    Do you, by any chance, keep copies yourself which you can ship out or do they have to come from South Africa?

    Thank you, Françoise Moreau-Johnson

  2. Hi Prof. Badenhorst,

    I am just dropping a line here to thank you for your blog and youtube channel, they have been extremely useful for me. I really appreciate how articulate and exhaustive your explanations are.

  3. Hi Cecile

    Loving your work in academic writing. Some of the challlenges I had in ademic writing is only now being understood as a result of your advise in this area.

    Can you say how to purchase copies of your publications


    McClean Hobson

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