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Article on publishing in peer reviewed journals


Here’s an article a colleague and I have just published on writing and publishing in peer-review journals:

This is the open access article before peer review.  The final article will be published in the journal Publications. The reviewers gave substantial feedback so the final version is a much better one.

Here’s the final verson:  PDF Version:

We hope you enjoy it and would love to hear your thoughts.


How to make a great Conclusion


Here’s an excellent blog on writing conclusions to a thesis.

DoctoralWriting SIG

By Claire Aitchison

I love a good conclusion. There’s nothing more satisfying than reading a good paper that finishes strongly, but what a letdown when there is a poor – or non-existent – conclusion!

We know that most of us read the abstract, scan the introduction and then move quickly to the discussion and conclusions sections when we read research papers (Feak & Swales, 2011 p. 40). Whether it is a thesis or journal article the conclusion is really important, so why is it that it is so often badly done? And how can we make sure it’s as great as it can be?

Firstly, I think there are some useful processes that can help ensure a successful conclusion. Especially because a PhD thesis is such a long time in the making, it is useful to begin building the conclusion over months and years – at least from the time…

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