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dear editor – is my paper right for your journal?


Here’s a blog on publishing that I thought you might find useful.


So you’ve finished your thesis and now have to publish from it. You’ve developed a publication plan and you know the papers that you want to write, papers that have a clear focus and something to say. Now you want to put those papers into suitable journals.

And you’ve picked a first paper and a journal. You know this journal pretty well. It’s one you used regularly in your research and you cited it in your thesis. You’ve now done a bit more research on the journal. You know who the Editor is, and you know the academic work that they do. You’ve looked at the Editorial Board, and you know a number of them and their work too. And you’ve checked the contents of some recent issues and you know that they do publish some things that are in your field. After all this research your initial hunch is confirmed. It…

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Disaster and change of plan for doctoral writing


DoctoralWriting SIG

By Susan Carter

Horror stories sometimes circulate about disasters that struck doctoral research. Pat Cryer (2003: 213-215) lists examples of doctoral projects that hit walls and how they were salvaged through modification to timely completion.

Sometimes this really does occur. It can be that once the thesis is almost drafted, a new publication comes out seeming to cover the same ground. Publications may also produce new evidence that debunks a doctoral approach to the topic.

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