Master’s and doctoral writing – YouTube videos


Hello research writers! Along with two fabulous graduate assistants, Abena Boachie and Xiaolin Xu, we have created a whole range of videos on thesis writing, writing for publication and why writing is sometimes so difficult. Generously funded by Memorial University’s School of Graduate Studies, we have created short animated videos that are, hopefully, more entertaining than my long rambling PowerPoint videos.

On this blog, we will be creating new pages to organise the videos for you and these will be posted shortly. In the meantime, all the videos are freely available on YouTube and you can find them if you search “Cecile Badenhorst”. There are 25 new videos to add to the existing 16 videos. All the videos are based on literature from the field of Writing Studies, my own research, and from many, many years of teaching research writing to master’s and doctoral students. They are a culmination of “things that work”.

I hope you enjoy the videos and find them helpful. Any suggestions for further videos would be welcome because we will be making more.


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