Inspiration for writing


You may be feeling jaded and worn with your own academic writing.  You want to produce so much, you set high standards for yourself and somehow you feel you are never able to achieve those goals.  There are always other demands on your time and your enegry reserves are not unlimited.  If this is you, at the moment, take a break and read the following series of blogs on the materiality of writing.  In these essays, the authors talk about the wonderfulness of academic writing.  How it is at the same time tangible (because we sit in seats and physically write) and at the same time intangible (because we are creating form from ideas) and how the process is far from easy, linear or straight forward – but can be satisfying.

This is my favourite by Ninna Meier, but I also really enjoyed her other article. This blog by Katie Collins may help you understand writing in a completely different way.  Charlotte Wegener, in her blog post, writes: “Writing makes sense, not because writing produces a coherent life-story but because the act of writing makes it all overlap – feelings and thoughts, private and professional, pleasure and pain. Body and intellect. The inventing, re-inventing and combining of the real and the imagined becomes the only available tale.” Helen Butlin writes about writing as poetic resistance amidst the craziness.

Take some time today to read these blog posts and I promise you will feel revivied.

Badenhorst Humans 2



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